Husband & Wife Duo

Jessie and Sekinat McNeil, owners of J &S RX Pharmacy Inc.,

have been married since 2004 with 3 beautiful children.  They met while in high school at a program called, "Project Upward Bound" held at the University of South Florida and in All Sport Community Service.  Both attended the University of South Florida while Jessie pursued his degree in Education, Sekinat received her bachelors degree in interdisciplinary Social Science and received a nursing degree (RN) at Hillsborough Community College.  While pursuing their degrees, Jessie and Sekinat opened their first business, Absolute Care and Habilitative Services Inc. in 2002, which is an agency that provides services for persons with disabilities.  Later on they opened a Group Home under their agency, in 2011.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

 While in the process of opening their group home, they opened their first Pharmacy in Lutz, FL, with a partner in 2010.  In 2013 they decided to open their own pharmacy.  Jessie and Sekinat Mcneil opened J & S Rx Pharmacy, Inc.

Apart from their professional environment, Jessie and Sekinat are very active in the community and church with Jessie also being very involved with the youth ministry.  Having a heart to help others, Jessie and Sekinat strive to use all their businesses to grow and better the community.  Going beyond the normal, Jessie and Sekinat will reach beyond the needs of the people that they serve and leave them with an awesome experience.

We believe in touching lives,

community and the world

through our selfless acts.
Let our family become your

family through J&S RX Pharmacy.

"Your Fast & Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy"
Jessie & Sekinat Mcneil

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